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Normal For Fife >
NFF maps my journey from teenage to adult life navigating the stormy waters of the 1980’s NHS system and coming face to face with the leviathan that calls itself psychiatric care. Portobello Book Festival 2023 >

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Monkey Face >
Childhood was a happy time for me in many ways. There was certainly no lack of love or material comfort - but there was also school. School, as far as I was concerned, was like prison, and I would have done pretty much anything to get out of it.

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Harry Hill on teachers >

After the Citadel >
Losing my parents has been a long and painful experience, but those last years were precious too. Our days were not all sadness and sorrow - it was a time for reflection and love and humour and - oh yes - whisky!

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Gullane Games

Gullane Games >
These stories are based on memories of my childhood in Gullane on the East coast of Scotland. They are set in the 1970’s and are fictionalised accounts of my personal experiences and friendships. The stories start when I am about seven years old and end when I am about fifteen. Black Panther 1 is a work of pure imagination, my brother is not a vigilante and did not kill Donald Neilson with a cricket bat. Catriona reads Gullane Games >

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Nursing Times

Nursing Times >
These short stories are based on my early adult years training and working as a nurse in Fife, Oxford and London. I would like to dedicate these stories to my friends who stayed on in the nursing profession - I take my cardboard hat off to you (except you Tooje) and to the patients who I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with.

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When you are old

When You Are Old >
Funny things happen when you are old and like most people I view later life with some trepidation. One thing I'm sure of though - if I am going to be eccentric I'm going to do it with style - after all, I've been taught by the masters.

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DJMac ~ Yellow Trunks, Evie, Dolly May, Nightshift/Dayshift, Latin Verbs, Custard Creams, Bowhill Yul, The Big Bar-L, Little Punks

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