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Blindwells in progress

There is a new town being built in East Lothian. Not an estate - there are many developments happening around East Lothian just now - but a whole town! I have a strong memory of moving into the latest house built near Glenrothes Fife, and seeing the foundations of the next one being constructed. An endurung very resonant scene at the end of the film “Ratcatcher” (1999) by Lynne Ramsay is of a family carrying furniture over the fields to their new house in Cumbernauld. It is an optimistic image, which followed some very difficult ones in the migration of communities to more hopeful lives.

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2020 in the house, all year, just like you
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A St Kilda Journal

By 1697, Martin Martin had graduated from the University of Edinburgh and made his now famous tour of the Western Isles of Scotland. He left us some of the earliest descriptions of life on St Kilda, our furthest inhabited island and strong in the national consciousness.

In 1986 I headed out there myself - on a much less well known tour - on an old Brixham trawler the Lorne Leader > in the company of one of the last remaining St Kildans, Lachlan MacDonald.

This year (2018) I have been there again - marooned for a week this time because of bad weather - but thus enabling more exploration and imagining and fishing and fouling than before. This isn't a history - the island has been probably prodded and poked enough by now. This is a personal journal.

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The Quiet Hill ~ notebook
(2017 : 8:30mins) Who am I? Although my cerebral and visual cortex is as old as me -  my stomach lining is replaced every 5 days, my skin every fortnight and bones every 10 years. My unique DNA is as much me as anything else it seems... and that will be Irish - since (suspiciously) Ancestry DNA is based in Dublin. A short film about trees, family trees, and migration. Review >

The Unconformity Project
(2016 : 22mins) A film of an obsession with the Bass Rock, an island off the south-east coast of Scotland.

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How to Paint #3 (for Alexander Guy's In-Public project, Glasgow)

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