is a journal for a trip in July 2018 to
St Kilda, Scotland's furthest inhabited island, taken by Michael Windle and Duncan Ellis... with a plan to revisit previous journeys and stories that surround the island.

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There are a number of immersive videos - denoted [360-Video] - which are designed for a VR headset or mobile phone. On an iPhone you can view them correctly by downloading the Youtube app. Stand up and look around. Overall the site is best seen on a larger screen.

Here is a playlist for all the 360° content for easy access...

360° video Playlist >

The site will evolve with new content over time.

Our little group meet up to watch the 2015 film by Ciro Guerra 'Embrace of the Serpent' and discuss forthcoming journey - possible musics, diving, paddling, flying...


A few years ago a CD came out 'Lost Songs of St Kilda'. Duncan and I signed up for a launch in Blackwells bookshop Edinburgh to hear more.

It turns out they are tunes remembered by a wartime evacuee to Bute, who was taught them by a St Kildan. The tunes were then recomposed and orchestrated.

It reminds me of the story of the Ship of Theseus - that returned to port after many years. Over the duration of the voyage all of it's timbers had been replaced. Was it the same ship?




So I've stretched one of the tracks out from 5 minutes to 2 hours...


In the Tipi with 2nd unit cameraman >

There is another St Kilda, which I discovered when I read someone had fallen off the pier checking Facebook. This was a surprise - I couldn't get a signal at all.

Like our St Kildans she couldn't swim either >

Inspiration from many books and
BS Johnson, Bruce Lacey, Ross McElwee, Neil Beloufa, Patrick Keillor, Kevin Atherton...

Project made possible by funding from
East Lothian Arts / Creative Scotland
and Edinburgh College of Art



The Bass Rock - another island of wings.