Conachair (1400 ft)

I'm guessing that if Conachair is the island's highpoint then it may have been the first bit to poke out of the sea as it grew. In any case what better place to start. I read that this was where to camp out to view the stars at midnight. Sadly the weather was against us.

In 2016 I explored two extremes of filmmaking. One was a course at the National Film School London 'Developing Killer Ideas'. It was taught by a very experienced 'Red Top' documentary maker (her words) and focused on ratings-driven content for television. This centered around an industrial publication called 'Broadcast', which announced the 100 top shows by audience numbers weekly. That week there was nothing in the top 100 I thought I would watch. Well, maybe 'Dads Army'.

I also went to an event in rural Greece called Temenos - which is four-yearly (like the Olympics) screening the films of American experimental filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos. 200 of us sat outside in a field over 3 nights. The sun came down. The projector lit up. The crickets started. The stars burst open all around. An astonishing and powerful idea of expanded cinema.

On return from Arkadia to Athens I dutifully visited the Acropolis Museum, which at no time seemed to entertain the possibility that the Myths might not have actually happened. The mass of stone sculpture however somehow leant weight to the tales. This physicality is interesting as part of storytelling, and is my interest as part of a research group 'Lines' using objects as part of narrative process... Catalogue >

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