Village Bay

Over the millennia visitors to Village Bay have been many and various. Necessity has encouraged trade (even with pirates) and trysts with passing seafairers. There are stories of whales being parked there by Norwegian boats, and the bay turning blood red.

During WW1 radio communications were set up on the island. Germany took note of this and duly dispatched a submarine in 1918 to shell the village. The villagers ran up the hill to safety and hid in the cleits. A gun was later installed, but in the end was never fired.

I found this bit of old rusty metal on the beach that looks like a map of the island. There are accounts that the very deep Gleann Mor has been mistaken for Village Bay in storms. There will be many boats on that sea bed.

My friend Iain has been down there. There is by all accounts incredible clear diving - and caves that echo the geological structures above.

Also under the sea are the remains of the island's dogs who were drowned rather than evacuated in 1930.

I made a memorial for them in the graveyard >


A gun/rainbow combo. Fast changing weather... my 1986 trip first sighted the island in a wild and colourful storm. Waking up a few hours later the bay reflected the morning sun like a mirror.

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